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Coaching or Consulting?

The Process

  • ...works well for individuals and groups

  • ...allows for you to chose your approach (coaching or consulting, or a blend of both)

  • ...offers convenient appointment times

  • ...easy and comfortable online video meetings

  • ...free initial meeting to discuss what options and results you are looking for

       and to answer your questions

Coaching and Consulting are different approaches  

  • Coaching is rooted in powerful dialogue between a client and coach and a supportive coach. Clients set their goals, in an area of their choosing, at a pace they are comfortable with.  ​

  • Consulting is a relationship in which the client is requesting advice and/or suggestions based on the Consultant's professional knowledge and experienced opinions.  The consulting time frame is usually set for a specific time period in order to reach a specific goal.

  • Goal progress with either Coaching or Consulting is premised on significant participation and effort by the Client and motivations support and guidance by the Coach.