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About Heather  

Professional Certifications & Training 
  • Professionally trained by JST Coaching: Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, ADHD & Life Coach Training expert

  • International Coaching Federation Certification.  ICF is the Gold Standard of Professional Coaching

Experience & Coaching 

​Heather is trained, certified, and experienced in many areas of life coaching.

  • Over 10 years working experience in higher education, over half in coaching and student support

Specific areas of experience include:   

  • Executive Functioning, Anxiety & ADHD challenges

  • Post-secondary Academic Coaching, including coaching for parents of students, & first-year college transition challenges of students and parents

  • People affected by incarceration


  • PhD., Education, in progress

  • M.A., Sociology

  • B.S., Social Sciences, Criminology focus

  • I regularly attend and present at academic and professional development conferences to continue to learn and build my professional skills. 


More About Heather 

  • Parent of two: both a former and a future teenager.  

  • Lousy cook: a disaster in the kitchen, no joke.  

  • Believer in the coaching model: genuinely interested in speaking with you about your goals!