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The With Focus Philosophy

Positive Outlook Matters, but....

...it may not be enough to overcome tough challenges. 

Sometimes if you are feeling stuck or discouraged, a positive and energetic outlook may seem elusive.  I respect the hurdles you may be facing and your tenacity to overcome the goals that may be challenging you.


Or, maybe you have the energy and motivation, but you want support along the way. Sometimes it's just the right suggestion or bit of advice that will be the breakthrough idea you've been looking for!  

I want to help you as you conquer your goals!

Empathy is so important!

There are many real and challenging, structural and societal, hurdles that exist in our world today.  Incremental progress matters: it's about moving forward however you can, then reaching for more!  I respect your experiences and I leave room to learn from you on your path.  

What can you expect from Heather? 

Non-judgmental support and motivation. Heather will ask powerful questions to help you find the strength you have and the perspectives you might not readily see. She will be encouraging, and she will hold you accountable for the goals you've set!